February 2019 Moon Phases Calendar – Full Moon, New Moon

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This page is loaded with February 2019 Moon Phases Calendar, if you’re among those people who like to keep a check on the phases of Moon then download a Moon Phases Calendar for the month of February 2019. As you all might be aware of that there is a continuous change in the phases of Moon every day. Every month, there are four phases which are most considered;

  • New Moon
  • First Quarter
  • Full Moon
  • Last Quarter

These phases occur at very specific times and are measured by both the Moon’s luminosity and how far along the Moon is in its orbit around Earth.

Many people depend on the phases of Moon for their daily activities such as fishing, hair cutting etc. Also, it is important to note that most of the Hindu Festivals are decided on the basis of the phases & direction of the Moon. If your life is some or other ways related to Moon Phases or you just like to keep a check on Moon Phases then download February 2019 Moon Calendar from below to see Moon Phases in the month of February 2019.

February 2019 Moon Calendar


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February 2019 Full Moon & New Moon Details

Check out the dates of four important phases of Moon in the month of February 2019. The date keeps on changing every month, so check out March 2019 Moon Calendar for next month Moon Phases.

New Moon: 4th February 2019 (Monday)

First Quarter: 12th February 2019 (Tuesday)

Full Moon: 19th February 2019 (Tuesday)

Last Quarter: 26th February 2019 (Tuesday)

Now you know the dates for four important phases of the moon in February month. Refer to the calendar, if you want to see or notice the day by day continuous changes in the phases of Moon.

Keep checking this site for more such useful calendar templates for the year 2019.

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