UPS Holiday Calendar for 2019 – Holidays Schedule & Hours

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UPS Holiday Calendar for the year 2019 is available below. UPS i.e. United Parcel Service is the parcel delivery company which provides many mail & shipping services. People in the United States & other countries use the services of UPS to send their important mail items & parcels. As per the information available from, currently, UPS is delivering to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. There is a service called “UPS follow my delivery” through which users can actually track their packages in real time on a live map. If you depend on UPS in any way then it is advised to check out the UPS holidays from below to know the days on which the UPS services will not be available.

People who use UPS services have many queries related to the UPS Holidays. Below you can find an answer to all your the UPS Holidays related queries. Also, download a UPS holiday calendar to manage your UPS shipments in an efficient manner.

Also, note that below-provided calendars specify holidays for the U.S. country only. If you belong to any other country apart from the U.S., then it is recommended to check out the World Holiday Calendar to know the UPS holidays in your country.

2019 UPS Holiday Calendar

Get the holiday schedule of UPS for the year 2019 by downloading a UPS holiday calendar from below.

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UPS Holiday Calendar 2019

UPS doesn’t take many holidays. The services of UPS are available throughout the year apart from the holidays mentioned below. It is also important to note that there is a service called “UPS Express Critical” which is available throughout the year i.e. 365 days.

  • Tuesday, Jan. 1: New Year’s Day
  • Monday, May 27: Memorial Day
  • Thursday, July 4: Independence Day
  • Monday, Sept. 2: Labor Day
  • Thursday, Nov. 28: Thanksgiving Day
  • Wednesday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day

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Many small businesses and people depends entirely on the UPS services for their survival and that’s why it’s important to have an idea about UPS holidays and plan your shipment accordingly. Having a holiday calendar will help in planning & managing your shipments in a much better way.

Final Thoughts:

Download any UPS Holiday Calendar from above. If you like the information then share this post with other people as well on social media platforms. Use the comment section if you have any suggestion or demand to make. Keep on visiting us for more and more holiday calendars. The printable calendar for the year 2019 is also available so check out 2019 Calendar Collection.

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